Question about Victory Spreads

Q: In your demo video for this spread you say potential losses should be about $50 or so. You refer to favorable pricing. Would you please explain what you mean by favorable pricing? I have tried several scenarios with stocks that I think might be making a move up but in each case my potential losses were closer to $200. Today I reviewed AU (Anglogold Ashantilt) selling the oct 35 call and buying 3 Jan 50 calls. If the stock settled between 37 and 50 by Oct expiration I would lose money with the worse loss being $183. Not bad but more than $50. Am I missing something? Thank you. PS Am really enjoying the course.

A: The amount of loss in a victory spread depends on:

1) volatility at the time of the trade
2) the number of contracts used
3) time to expiration

It sounds like you were using the same example I was as far as contracts go (sold 1, bought 3) so the only differences would be “volatility” and “time to expiration” which would explain the difference in potential loss.